University of Wisconsin–Madison

The microRNA miR-21 conditions the brain to protect against ischemic and traumatic injuries


microRNA miR-21 conditions

Ischemic and traumatic injuries to CNS remain leading causes of death and disability worldwide, despite decades of research into risk factors, therapies, and preventative measures. Recent studies showed that CNS injuries significantly alter the cerebral microRNAome that impact the secondary brain damage as well as plasticity and recovery. Many microRNA based therapies are currently in various clinical trials for different pathologic conditions indicating their therapeutic potential. In the present review, we discuss the role of miR-21 in acute CNS injuries which is currently thought to be a potent neuroprotective microRNA. We emphasize on the potential of miR-21 in promoting cell and tissue survival and preventing inflammation and apoptosis. We also discussed the role of miR-21 in conditioning the brain to promote ischemic tolerance. Finally, we discussed some of the challenges and difficulties to develop miR-21 as a neuroprotective therapy in humans.

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