University of Wisconsin–Madison

Visiting US Medical Student Program


The University of Wisconsin Department of Neurological Surgery offers an opportunity for visiting students who meet UWSMPH criteria, and are approved at the departmental and institutional levels, to rotate with the department for 2 or 4 weeks. We offer one course: 678-919.

Visiting students are required to pay a $125 application fee to start the application process. Visiting students who complete their rotation with us will have their $125 application fee covered by the department and will receive a refund.

Before applying to the medical school, preapproval at the departmental level is required. Send an e-mail introduction to Dr. D. Resnick at Include in your e-mail (1) the origins (in brief) of your interest in neurosurgery, (2) the name of the introductory neuroclinical course you have had or will have had at your home institution, (3) your USMLE Part I score and (4) attach a CV.

Plan to begin your clerkship on a Monday and end on a Friday. Aside from that requirement, we will adjust to your school’s course calendar.


After you receive approval from the Department of Neurological Surgery, the next step is to apply for institutional approval through VSAS. Please note: This site does not open to visiting students until late April for the upcoming academic year. Departmental approval from Dr. Resnick prior to that time will be honored but you still must obtain institutional approval in order to rotate with us.

For more information about the application process, go to the Visiting Students landing page.

UW School of Medicine and Public Health reserves the right to terminate immediately the enrollment of any visiting student who violates any policy or procedure regarding misconduct or professional behavior.

dempsey and niall
Robert J. Dempsey, MD (right) gives a hands-on surgical demonstration to our PGY 1 resident, Niall Buckley, MD.