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A UW Med Flight helicopter flies above the University of Wisconsin-Madison

A UW Med Flight helicopter flies above the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Capitol Building

The Wisconsin State Capitol building and Monona Terrace at night.

UW Health

An aerial photograph of the UWHealth medical campus.

Neurosurgery Dept Photo 2022


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Cybersecurity Training
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The 2022 Cybersecurity Awareness Training for all faculty and staff (including undergraduate and graduate student employees) is now available. This annual training is mandatory per UWSA Policy 1032 (Source: and required for employees who are eligible for pay increases and any type of bonus. The training must be completed by December 1, 2022.
There are two training options available (you only need to complete one option). To begin, select one of the versions below: 
A video based version (less accessible for people who are blind, have low vision or use screen readers) available in English
Scan this QR Code for the link:
A text-based version (accessible for all people) available in several languages:  Scan this QR Code for the English Link:

Congratulations to Dr Vemuganti's lab on their latest publication

Welcome Our New Residents!
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Message from the Chairman

Dr. Robert J. Dempsey
Dr. Robert J. Dempsey

Welcome to the website for the University of Wisconsin Department of Neurological Surgery. In this website you will learn about our department, which is dedicated to providing the very best clinical neurosurgical care for the many disorders of the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nervous system, as well as the blood vessels which support them. You will learn about our work on disorders such as:

  • brain tumors
  • stroke
  • brain hemorrhages from aneurysms (congenital or acquired abnormalities)
  • spinal cord injuries or degenerations of the spinal and peripheral nerve disorders
  • pediatric and congenital disorders of the central and peripheral nervous systems
  • degenerative disorders of the brain and spine

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Mission Statement

A W crest emblem is seen on the Field House from inside of Camp Randall Stadium at the University of Wisconsin-Madison on Oct. 6, 2012. (Photo by Bryce Richter / UW-Madison)


The Department of Neurological Surgery at the University of Wisconsin provides outstanding care and treatment for patients with brain, spine, and peripheral nerve diseases, disorders, and injuries; advances neuroscience knowledge through basic and clinical research; and trains students, residents, and fellows.