University of Wisconsin–Madison

Neurocritical Care

The University of Wisconsin Neurocritical Care program is in its 10th year and in February 2018 moved into a state of the art, 18 bed unit plumbed for multimodality monitoring and eICU cameras.  This was part of a staged expansion, with future developments focusing on building an adjacent 6 bed unit consisting of dedicated neuroscience beds which can flex up to ICU level of care or flex down to intermediate care/general care as dictated by day to day needs. Our clinical focus is on providing value in the care of neurologically ill patients by improving outcomes and reducing costs. The neurocritical care program is led by Joshua Medow, MD, MS, FAANS, FACS, FNCS, FAHA, FCCM, a tenured associate professor of neurosurgery, pathology and biomedical engineering. The other key neurocritical care faculty include Erik Tarula, MD, assistant professor of neurology and neurosurgery and Marin Darsie, MD, assistant professor of emergency medicine and neurosurgery. We have a strong interdisciplinary team comprised of neurointensivists, exceptional nursing staff with CNRN training, dedicated case management support from both a nurse and a social worker trained in working with the neurologically ill patient population, and dedicated pharmacy, nutrition, and respiratory therapy support. Please visit the UW Neurocritical Care Fellowship page (hyperlink is to this page: for more information on our UCNS and CAST-accredited fellowship program.

Marin Darsie


Assistant Professor - CHS in Emergency Medicine

Joshua Medow


Tenured Professor

Erick Tarula


Assistant Professor - CHS in Neurology