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Course Information for 678-919

678-919: Neurosurgery: Neurosurgery Clerkship (CSC)
Is this course available Yes
Course Type Elective
Location Center for Health Sciences, 8th floor K module (K4/822) 600 Highland Avenue, Madison.
Instructors Primary
-R. Dempsey , M.D. (Cerebrovascular)

-T. Bragg, M.D. (Pediatric Neurosurgery)
-M. Baskaya , M.D. (Cerebrovascular and Skull Base)
-N. Brooks, M.D. (Spine)

-K. Chan (General Neurosurgery)
-P. Deshmukh, M.D. (Spine)
-A. Hanna, M.D. (Spine)
-B. Iskandar , M.D. (Pediatric Neurosurgery)
-J. Kuo, M.D. (Neurosurgical Oncology)
-J. Medow, M.D. (Neurosurgery Intensivist)
-D. Niemann , M.D. (Endovascular and Cerebrovascular)
-L. Ramirez , M.D. (Administration)
-D. Resnick , M.D. (Spine)
-K. Sillay, MD (Functional)
-G. Trost, M.D. (Spine)

Availability Open to M4 students for periods of 2 and 4 weeks. Credits: 1 credit/week. Visiting students must begin clerkship on a Monday and end on a Friday.  Aside from that requirement we will accommodate your stay to your school’s calendar schedule.


Initial Registration Follow Medical School process.
Visiting Students: All academic fees covered by Neurosurgery Dept.
Report To Report to D4/485 at 5:30a.m. on the first day of rotation.
Housing Information is available at
Other options may be available based on current availability at the time of visit.
Parking Is limited and will be determined on a case-by-case basis.
Objectives This course is designed for the fourth year medical student with an interest in clinical neuroscience. It will be of particular value to the student considering a career in neurology or neurosurgery.
Content The course will emphasize pre- and post-operative management. The student will gain familiarity with: neurological history taking, performance and interpretation of the neurologic exam, managing patients in our critical care unit and general care unit, treatment of nosocomial infections, performance of critical care procedures (such as ventilatory management; central line, ventriculostomy, arterial and ICP monitor placement), and the operating room environment.
Prerequisites For UW students: Clinical Neuroscience 882-813
For Visiting Students: An introductory clerkship in Neurology, Neurosurgery or Clinical Neuroscience.
Methods Teaching is performed by residents and staff in outpatient and inpatient (ER, OR, ICU, general care unit) settings, and conferences.
Materials Provided N/A
Expectations The M4 student is expected to become an integral part of the neurosurgical team. The role approaches that of a PG1 rotating through neurosurgery. S/He will have responsibility for patient evaluation and care under the supervision of our residents and faculty. The M4 student will attend neurosurgical conferences and outpatient clinics and will aid in the handling of emergency neurosurgical problems. The student will take night call with the neurosurgical resident and will be asked to give one short oral presentation at a patient care conference. the student will be assigned 3-4 inpatients for whom s/he will be particularly responsible (writing the daily examination, following lab/imaging studies, writing daily notes). In addition, the student will be expected to work-up one new patient a week and review that work-up at ‘one-on-one’ meetings with the staff physician assigned to that patient.
Evaluation Each student’s evaluation will be based on (1) performance in the above activities (2) input from all faculty and the chief resident, and (3) the questions asked in the evaluation form we receive from your medical school.
Recommended Texts K.W. Lindsay and I. Bone: Neurology and Neurosurgery Illustrated 4th Edition. Churchill Livingstone 2004, Ed. 5 released Oct. 2010.
Meets Patient Care Requirement Yes