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Department of Neurological Surgery
2016 Spring Wednesday Conferences
7:00 – 7:30 a.m.  M & M's
7:30 – 8:30 a.m. Grand Rounds


Jan 6

Dr. Chris Baggott, Neurosurgery  "A brief history of suckers"


Jan 13

Neuroradiology Conference (F2/401)


Jan 20

 Dr. Kimberly Hamilton, Neurosurgery “The Folate and Methylation Pathway in Regeneration and Recovery of the Injured Peripheral Nervous System”


Jan 27

Dr. Erick Tarula, Neuro-Critical Care “Sleep in ICU”





Feb 3

Dr. Yiping Li, Neurosurgery “TCM for the treatment of neurologic diseases”


Feb 10

Neuroradiology Conference (F2/401)


Feb 17

Dr. Solomon Ondoma, Neurosurgery “Global Neurosurgery: Challenges and opportunities”


Feb 24

Dr. Carla Pugh, Dept. of Surgery  “What Can Sensors and Motion Tracking Technology Tell us About Technical Skills Performance?”





Mar 2

Dr. Nader Sanai, Barrow Neurological Institute  “Phase 0 Clinical Trials in Neuro-Oncology”


Mar 9

Neuroradiology Conference (F2/401)


Mar 16

Dr. Norm Fost, Dept. of Pediatrics and Medical Ethics  "Organ Donation from Imminently Dying Patients: New Developments in the Dead Donor Rule” 


Mar 23

Neuropathology / Autopsy conference (Dr. Salamat, Dr. Haldeman)


Mar 30

Mark Kraemer, Dr. David Hsu, Dr. Bermans Iskandar (Wisconsin Hydrocephalus Project)  “CSF Shunt Malfunction – Part I: Pathophysiology: Hypothesis, mathematical modeling, and clinical syndromes”





Apr 6

Dr. Christopher Luzzio, Dr. John Webster (Wisconsin Hydrocephalus Project)  “CSF Shunt Malfunction – Part II: Smart shunt valve design and prototype”


Apr 13

Neuroradiology Conference (F2/401)

Apr 20

Dr. Uluc, Neurosurgery "TBD"

Apr 27

Dept. Retreat Program review



May 4

Cancelled due to AANS Meeting

May 11

Neuroradiology Conference (F2/401)

May 18

Dr. Sung Ha. Neurosurgery "TBD"

May 25

Dr. Carolina Sandoval-Garcia, Neurosurgery "TBD"


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