University of Wisconsin–Madison

Gurwattan Miranpuri


Senior Scientist

Gurwattan Miranpuri, PhD, is a Senior Scientist working with Azam Ahmed, MD. Their work focuses on improving our understanding of stroke, both ischemic and hemorrhagic. In addition, Dr. Miranpuri is working on a research study, “Defining the epigenetic signatures of glioblastoma tumors and margins” in collaboration with Dr. Reid Alisch, PhD, Assistant Professor, Neurosurgery. This work is important in that it attempts to understand individual heterogeneity in the behavior of these aggressive tumors and may potentially lead to the development of important biomarkers.  Together, and through this study, the research team has an extraordinary opportunity to characterize comprehensively, for the first time, glioblastoma tumors, as well as primary margins, to define molecular signatures of glioblastoma aggressiveness and margins. This study between basic scientists (Drs. Miranpuri and Alisch), neurosurgeons (Dr. Azam Ahmed) exemplifies collaboration within the department.


Gurwattan Miranpuri